How to clean old rustic wood furniture

One of the unavoidable house cleaning duties that we certainly have to carry out upon regular basis is actually reclaimed wood furniture cleansing. Most people accomplish this through clearing off, as well as, cleaning their particular rustic wood furniture pieces each day.


However ,not many folks are familiar with the assortment of tips about the way to better manage each of our items, and to assist us to extend the life span of them in our properties.


In this article, we’re going to have a nice little talk about it.

For starters, the very first crucial issue to contemplate is actually that good wood furniture is certainly sun light and also humidity vulnerable. The room in which the furniture is located should be under a middle range percentage of humidity. In the event the place is way too dry off, the article could possibly get broken and whenever is too wet, it could become discoloured.

Typically carry out the everyday cleanup of timber household furniture is completed  through dusting and getting free of the soil employing a delicate cotton or perhaps velvety cloth.


Stay away from the usage of damp towels frequently; since this process can certainly induce your finished furnishings to reduce their luster.


Make sure that you try a cleanup technique compatible with the particular finish, colour stain or any other sort of procedure that has become utilised in your personal lumber house furniture.

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If you don’t have that information, it’s advisable to get started with a delicate cleanser which isn’t harmful to the finish employed in any item. If this type of solution just isn’t successful, then upgrade to a stronger one. That way, once cleansing any solid furniture wood, you are able to stay clear of any kind of deterioration triggered for a too powerful formula.

Along with an effective attention, your current classic or classic looking items of timber furnishing will appear awesome, making your much loved family home stand up from other ones. Usually when folks purchase solid wood bedroom furniture, in particular, the classic types, is with the intention to keep them pristine as long as possible. To achieve this, it is not enough to polish them, it’s also essential to locate them properly, averting to become ruined as well as degraded quickly. For example, they should be shielded from the daylight, since it is an undeniable fact that the shade of the timber has problems with the direct exposure to this particular element.

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As has already been stated before, try these cleansers in hidden parts of the furniture first, and subsequently notice the outcomes. Include a drop of a softer washing liquid into a water-moistened cotton wool ball and after that clean a spot ,like the inside of a dinner table. If it is any kind of damage, then simply keep going with no washing liquid. Whenever observe absolutely no deterioration, persons could proceed with the same kind of products.

Have a suitable container, blend cleaning agent and also normal water, and wipe with a sponge or cloth the full item. Beware of excessive water and never saturate the timber. Don’t allow the solution lurking over the wood for a lengthy time period and sweep the sponge gently above the wooden spot enabling it to dry out completely.

In order to keep the home furniture glowing, utilise a multiuse solid wood cleaning agent and apply it with a cotton, wait for a couple of hours and wipe it once again using a smooth fabric till it stands out. Regularly these techniques are suitable to work for a couple of weeks.


Teak and acacia wood for furniture are often coated using a gentle iodine formula in order to eliminate tiny scrapes. For this particular function ,on the right formula could be applied using a little hair brush onto it.


Another option is for you, is certainly to use mineral spirits. Despite the fact, that generally they don’t cause any damage on the finishes, is still a good idea to use a natural cotton ball in the furniture legs wood , like pointed out just before, if you notice that the item is actually unharmed you are able to turn to wash the complete article having a fresh fabric drenched in mineral spirits. Just make sure applying it in a nicely aired area. Mineral spirits are recognised for its efficiency to remove a great deal of dust on most occasions.


The ultimate phase is usually to remove any remaining cleaning agent using normal water, and also examine the pieces of furniture for every potential imperfection. When the finishes get harmed by this kind of products, it’s a good idea just stop using it right away ant try to determine the kind of finish that has been used in your wooden furniture piece. In order to do this, make use of some denatured alcohol, and also check it out in a hidden small area. Usually whenever shellac is employed, it can’t stand the touch with alcohol, and of course ,if the finish resists the alcohol, implies that probably lacquer, polyurethane or oil is used.

Nevertheless when you don’t like the appearance of your furniture, probably you will have to fully repair the item with an all new finish.

Consequently, most of the cleaning for the best wood furniture is made by using many kinds of cost-effective and also healthful components, which allow the furnishing owners obtain really good results healing their furniture faults.